What Makes Us Different?

Our primary interest is in making sure that your dog or dogs have the best possible sleeping environment and that you are happy that their bed is good looking, practical and easy care.


You may find other beds that offers one or two of these characteristics, but we are confident that the combination of size, firm interior cushioning, and fully washable, waterproof and antibacterial covers is unique to our beds.

  • Easy clean
  • Substantial supportive cushions
  • Waterproof
  • Antibacterial
  • Machine washable
  • Odour minimising
  • Built to last  - three year guarantee
  • Huge choice of colours

Satisfaction Guarantee

If your dog decides they really do not like a bed you have bought from us and will not use it, we will offer the bed for sale on our website as being pre-(un)loved and send you the price obtained. If you need to enquire about this please email us.


We test all our fabrics types and cushion constructions before we offer them  for sale. That way we know that all our claims are true.


Easy clean

Our beds can be kept in good condition with a quick vacuum and a damp cloth. The fabrics have been selected specifically because they do not hang on to dog fur. Sample beds have been extensively tested by a range of breeds to make sure this is the case.


Great support

The high grade furniture foam we use is designed for constant use in the business environment - cinema, hotels, bars and other heavy duty situations. The foam will retain its shape and structural integrity for substantially longer than other dog bed fillings. We estimate the beds will have a useful life of at least 5 years. The choice of Foam  or Soft Top  cushion options means you can have a bed that really meets you dog's needs. Our pressure relief Active Recovery Bed has been developed for dogs with poor joints and those working dogs that need to be in top condition for duty at all times.


Foam Bed interior - firm upholstery foam with 50 gram memory foam top and bottom  Soft Top interior - 5 cm firm upholstery foam with an 8cm channelled cushion of foam and polyester


Waterproof and antibacterial covers

All the fabrics we use are waterproof, so the inner cushion stays dry and odour free. The breathable nature of the fabric ensures rapid drying of the cloth so you dog does not have to lie on a wet  bed. The antibacterial treatment of the fabric makes it resistant to microbial and fungal growth which helpd minimise odour. Cover washing needs only be done occasionally.


Machine washable

All our standard covers are fully machine washable at low temperature. The covers may be vacuumed to remove dust and fur, and marks removed with a damp cloth. We recommend that you do not wash the bed excessively frequently to ensure the full effectiveness of the waterproofing and antibacterial treatments is maintained. [see care instructions here]


Built to last

We use the highest quality components used in any dog beds We expect our beds to have a useful life of at least five years. All beds come with a manufacturing and materials guarantee of three years because we have only been making and testing them for that long. We are now well into our fourth year.


Huge choice of fabric colours

Dog beds are furnishings the same as the sofas and cushions in your home. We use high quality upholstery fabric that is luxurious to the touch and good looking so that it does not look out of place in the best room in the home. We currently have seven different types of fabric to choose from and over 60 different colours so we are confident we can offer a colour to suit your decor. View our colours here or email us to ask for samples.