Offer Conditions

How it works (Download this page here)

Animal welfare and rescue charities, and dog breed, agility, obedience and other dog related clubs are invited to register to earn income through the sale of BDBCo dog beds. If you are not sure if your organisation qualifies, email us a brief description of your activities.

There is no need to purchase stock. All sales will be handled through our website.

Organisations wanting to participate must register by completing the form provided (Download form here) and emailing it to Once their registration has been received and accepted, a unique promotion code will be supplied by the Big Dog Bed Company (BDBCo) which should be used at the time of bed purchase. Use of the code will enable BDBCo to identify which charity or club has been the source of the sale.

For every bed sold using a promotion code linked to this offer, the relevant participating charity or club will receive £20. If bed sales from a single promotion code exceed 10 in a year, the charity or club will receive £30 per bed, backdated to the start of the year, so bed no. 11 will earn £130 (10 x £10 + £30). Beds sold using the same code for the remainder of that same year will earn £30 each.

Participating organisations may selection from two options:

A – all funds raised are paid to the Rescue or Club funds .

B – the benefit is split 50:50 between the purchaser and the charity or club such that the purchaser receives an immediate £10 reduction in the bed price at time of purchase and the participating charity or club receives £10. If more than 10 beds are purchased in a year, the payment to the rescue or club will be increased to £20 per bed, backdated. No additional benefit will accrue to the customer.

At the end of each calendar month, the nominated contact point within the registered organisation will receive an email notifying them of how many beds have been purchased using their unique promotion code and how much that has earned the participating organisation. Funds will be deposited in the bank account two days after the email has been sent.

In the event of any dispute concerning the number of beds purchased using a particular code, the participating organisation will provide written details (name and address of customer and bed style, size and colour ordered) of the beds it believes were purchased to allow the BDBCo to cross-check received orders with the names provided by the participating organisation. Any additional payment needed due to under accounting will be made by the BDBCo the following month.

The participating organisation may publicise their code by whatever method they see fit. BDBCo will provide support in this area, if requested.

Offer TwoReduced prices on Kennel Beds (applies to rescue charities only)

Our Kennel Beds can be purchased by rescue supporters direct from our website at a reduced price using the same promotion code system as detailed above. The beds must be sent to a charity volunteer registered with the scheme or to a kennel establishment. They will not be sent to the home address of the purchaser. Price reductions on the beds are as follows:

Bed Size (cm) RRP  Offer Price  Saving
K90 90 x 60 £84.90 £67.00 £17.90
K120 120 X 60 £99.75 £82.50 £17.25
Medium 105 x 75 £105 £87.60 £17.40
Large 120 x 85 £120 £99.50 £26.50
Extra Large 134 x 95 £148 £118.00 £30

 Offer conditions

In order to participate, organisations must be registered charities, or formally constituted clubs with articles of association. Evidence of either must be supplied, if requested, before participating organisations will be registered. This sounds very formal, but we want to make sure genuine charities and clubs are benefiting from this opportunity.

If you would like us to supply our beds on a trade basis, please email us, outlining your requirements.

The year commences from the first use of the promotion code allocated to the club or charity is signed up to the offer. This date will be confirmed in an email. A new year commences at the anniversary of this date at which point the count will commence again. There is no carryover of bed sales.

The club or charity must allow their name to be included in a list of subscribers to the scheme published by the BDBCo on its website or anywhere else it sees fit.

The Club or Charity must put a back link to the BDBCo website on their website and a like in the BDBCo Facebook page.

Registration must be renewed annually. The option (A or B) being run can be changed at this point. The selected option can only be changed at the anniversary of registration for the scheme.

Payment will be made monthly to a rescue or club bank account, not to a personal bank account.