The SafeRocker+ comprises a continuous curve and a flat side, so can be used either way up. It may be used at all stages of rehabilitation, including early bi-directional rehab following TPLO/ TTA. During later rehabilitation and neurological rehab, it is useful as an introduction to hill work, walking and trotting, side stepping and weight shifting on a moving surface.

The equipment is useful for balance and proprioception training for both hindlimbs and forelimbs, as well as for side to side exercises. It can be used for developing and reinstating core strength and confidence on unstable surfaces. It is also suitable for stretching, and reaction and control work.

Easily carried using the webbing handles and weighing only 10kg, it can readily be taken between venues.

110cm long, 60cm wide and 17cm at its highest point and maximum slope angle of 15  degrees. Read more information here