Physiotherapy Step System

The Step System is a highly flexible piece of equipment for both rehabilitation therapists and the fitness training of sports dogs. Blocks can be securely stacked to give  a working platform appropriate to the  exercise to be presented to the dog undergoing rehabilitation and strength building.

The complete Step System comprises two units 100 x 50cm and four units 50 x 50cm and a Half System of two 50 x 50cm blocks and one 100 x 50cm block. However, individual blocks can be purchased, enabling you to build up the amount of equipment slowly as space and finance allows. The complete Step System costs £359, plus shipping. 50 x 50cm blocks cost £49.45 each and 100 x 50cm blocks £92.65 each. The Half Step System costs £184.55.

Available only in black with black ribbed matting. Th red illustrated below is just to highlight the ribbed matting in the photographs.



Single Step 50

Step 50 x 50cm

Single Step 100

Step 100 x 50
+ 43.20   

Half Step System

Three Step Blocks
+ 135.10   

Whole Step System

Six Step Blocks
+ 309.55