Bolster and Pillow Beds

The Bolster is 15cm (6 inches) high in the Medium and Large and 19cm (7.5 inches) high in the Extra Large and Giant.  The Pillow is 12cm regardless of bed size.

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Prices for Beds with a Bolster or Pillow
in Laurel and Nobel Fabrics

Size cm inches Price
Medium 105 x 75 41 x 29 £199
Large 120 x 85 47 x 33 £239
Extra Large 134 x 95 53 x 37 £289
Giant 145 x 105 57 x 41 £329


Size Extra Bolster
or Pillow
Back Bolster
Medium £50 £75
Large £60 £85
Extra Large £70 £95
Giant £80 £105




Select whether Bolster or Pillow

Active Recovery Foam

ARCoolComfort Non-Memory Foam

Back Bolster

Fabric Colour

Nobel Raven

Nobel Seagrass

Laurel Red

Laurel Black

Nobel Heather

Nobel Moss
Nobel Dove

Laurel Claret

Laurel Slate

Laurel Deep Blue

Laurel Pine

Laurel Chocolate

Laurel Purple

Nobel Nutmeg

Nobel Flame

Nobel Sage

Nobel Ginger

Nobel Bluebell

Nobel AirForce

Laurel Apple

Second Bolster Or Pillow