Payment and Delivery


Standard Stock Beds

Our standard stock beds are:

  • Foam Beds all sizes in Nobel and Laurel fabrics
  • Bolster Beds all sizes in Nobel and Laurel fabrics

Payment in full  is required at time of ordering.


Payment in full is required at time of ordering



We will always try to dispatch your order as quickly as possible, but we do not want to make promises we cannot keep.

We aim to dispatch a standard size and style of bed within 14 days from receipt of your order and usually earlier. We do not hold a stock of beds. They are made to order.

The dispatch of Made-to-Measure beds may take up to four weeks. The exception is beds that require a template  which may take up to six weeks to make and deliver, regardless what fabric type is selected. We hope to deliver in less time, but we don't like to make promises that we may not be able to keep. We will keep you informed of the expected delivery date, as the bed is made.

We try to keep our packaging to a minimum.  Our boxes are supplied by a UK company and are manufactured using a minimum of 90% recycled material. We don't achieve 100% because the outer layer of the box is made using virgin fibre as it is stronger. Using recycled fibre for the out would require more fibre so it is a trade off between new fibre and more fibre. The box is 100% recyclable. We  reluctantly put the bed in a plastic bag inside the box in case the box is left where the contents may get wet while it is in transit. We want the bed to arrive with you in good condition. Please reuse the bag where possible and recycle it if your local waste management service allows this.


Delivery charges
We have to pass on some of the cost of packaging and delivery to our customers. Our normal packaging and delivery charge  for most of the UK is £15. For Highlands and Islands the charge may be up to £35 and for the Isle of Wight it s £28.

Our beds are delivered by APC in the UK and by DHL or UPS elsewhere. They will try up to three times to deliver your bed to you. You will be given advance notice of the arrival date of your bed by email. Due to the longer lead time on the orders made through the Made-to-Measure service, where this applies, we will contact you in advance to make sure that a delivery date is convenient.

If deliver is unsuccessful after three attempts, the bed will be returned to us and you will need to pay for it to be delivered again. Beds will not be left unattended on your property unless you provide instructions to that effect, at which point any liability for lose lies with yourself.