Introducing our beds

Beds for big dogs

We have done our research and looked at the typical heights and weights of all the big breeds. The bed dimensions and the materials used to make our beds have been selected with these large and giant breeds in mind. Many dog beds on the market are just not big enough for the really big dog. Most do not deliver the correct level of support to the heavier dog and often a new bed is flattened to the point of being useless within 6 months of purchase, even if it has been quite expensive. The high density upholstery foam used in our beds is firm enough to support even the largest dog. The memory foam topping gives the beds a comfortable look and moulds to fit your dog when he/she is on the bed, while retaining its shape and look when the bed is empty. Our Soft Top bed provides a particularly cosy option without compromising support to your dog's frame.


Active, outdoor dogs

A key attribute of our beds for active, outdoor dogs is the waterproof cover. Moisture gets into the fillings of beds and causes odour and the ‘compost effect' where the dog stays damp for longer than if the bed itself had not been able to absorb the moisture. By excluding moisture, the waterproof cover of our beds reduces the time your dog takes to dry. The stain resistant fabric easily throws off dirty when dry and can be cleaned by vacuuming or brushing.


Multiple dog homes
If you have two or more dogs that like to share a bed, then BDBCo beds are for you too. Remenber you can't dictate which bed you dogs choose to lie in so every bed should be big enough for the largest dog in the house.


Older Dogs and those suffering incontinence or other health issues

If your dog is elderly and spends a lot of time in bed then you want to be sure it is comfortable. These beds provide that extra padding needed for our more sedentary furry friends, giving extra comfort and support for old bones and easily tired muscles. The urine resistant, waterproof fabric is not damaged by problems of incontinence aand the antibacterial nature of the cover prevents odour developing in the bed if our older friends are slightly leaky. In particular, our Active Recovery pressure relief bed ensures your older dog will sleep well.