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Here are some comments we have received about our beds.

Pam, Swindon
"I would just like to say how pleased I am with the bed I purchased at the Cotswold show. All 3 of my dogs love it. Due to all 3 of my ESS  (English Springer Spaniels) using it constantly, it does get covered in dog hair, but I'm so impressed after a quick vacuum it goes right back to looking like new. Not only does it look amazing and match my lounge decor perfectly, I no longer have to do the weekly dog bedding wash. I have attached  a photo of Maycie on her new bed. She sometimes let's Barney and Mylo use it too. I have nothing but praise for your company. Thank you so much"
Pam bought a Soft Top bed with a Laurel cover in Red

Andrea, Cheltenham
"Beds arrived safely and the puppy loves them - we're all delighted and will be in contact about replacement covers in due course."
Andrea bought two Foam Beds with  Nobel covers in Nutmeg and Sage

Pam, Southampton
"The bed is gorgeous. My dogs are loving it and I am very satisfied with the quality. Thank you for a great product."
Pam bought a Foam Bed with a Nobel Airforce cover

Ellie, Slough
"Just a quick note to let you know that the bed arrived as planned and our Boxer loves his bed. It's great :-)   Many thanks once again for your regular communication regarding this order. We will be recommending you and your product to our friends."
Ellie Bought a Bolster bed with a Nobel Moss cover

Val, Oxfordshire 
“The dog bed is fantastic – you can quote me on that! Washes well, doesn’t get smelly (unlike the dogs) and hasn’t ripped or anything despite 36kg of dog with huge claws regularly “making” his bed on it.”
Val has a Foam Bed with a Nobel Bluebell cover

David, Northumberland 
“The beds have come up clean despite repeated hammering from two dirty labs and a terrier at the end of a day’s shooting. Also Pippa, as she gets older has the tendency to leak a bit. The foam inner is as pristine as it was on its first day, and to cap it has no odour. The beds are very good for not being smelly. Is this an intended or accidental plus? So, in summary, after a full year of two labs and a spaniel plus a terrier adolescent, the bed remains in shape, in colour, comes up clean, the zips still functions well and the covers goes back onto the pillow with ease after washing. A 5 star product.” 
David has a Foam Bed with a Nobel  Airforce cover and a second with a Laurel chocolate cover

Kate, Buckinghamshire
“This is the best dog bed we have ever had and is the only one the dogs haven’t destroyed in short order. It is also the only one they choose to lie on in preference to the sofa! The cover has stayed incredibly clean, it just needs the occasional vacuum. In six months, I’ve never had it off to wash”
Kate has a Foam Bed wth a Laurel chocolate cover
Elise, Bedfordshire
“The bed has worn well and has kept nice and clean (no problems with dog hair sticking to it). It hoovers very easily. It’s not been wet so can’t comment on that aspect. We also liked its low profile. However, the girls only used it regularly once we put a layer on top – e.g. a topper. We think it’s because the girls like to have sides to their bed and they also like something to scrunch up before they lie down – they seem like to snuggle into something as opposed to lie on top of something. I know that’s not how you planned for it to be used. But it does work very well like that.”
Elise has a Foam Bed with a Laurel Claret cover
Have you got a comment on whether the bed you bought suited your pets needs and fulfilled you expectations. Email us to let us know here