Fabrics and Colours

All the fabrics we use are hard wearing upholstery fabric designed for heavy wear situations. They are all waterproof, breathable, urine and stain resistant, antibacterial and antifungal. The Nobel, Laurel and Sahel fabrics are machine washable. All materials used in the bed covers and fillings meet the same fire regulations for domestic furnishings as your sofa.The Bato, Luigi and Gardi fabrics are NOT machine washable, but are easily kept clean by vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth.

We suggest that you choose the machine washable Nobel, Laurel and Sahel fabric for hard wearing situations such as where your dog first lies when he/she comes in from outside muddy and wet. Bato, Luigi and Gardi fabrics are equally hard wearing  waterproof and stain resistant that are wipe clean, but not machine washable, so are best considered for locations where your pet is allowed after they have shed their mud! View the care instructions for all our fabrics here.

Below we describe the fabrics characteristics and the colours offered in each fabric type.

Bato Colour Swatches      Nobel Colour swatches      Luigi Colour swatches  Gardi colour swatches

Fabric Descriptions

Nobel - a very fine textured microfibre fabric with a subtle herringbone pattern. 100% polyester
Laurel - a tactile fabric with a chenille like finish. 100% polyester 
Sahel - this is a luscious faux suede. We looked far and wide for a faux suede that is as good as the real thing and this is it. It also available in the most subtle of colours. 100% polyester.
Bato - this stunning fabric has a very short nap, a little like an extremely fine velvet which gives it a slight sheen when viewed with the nap. The stripe widths are the same across all the colours but the sublety of the colour changes can make them look different. 85% polyester and 15% nylon.
Luigi - we love the style this fabric gives a bed. The swirls are felt-like and slightly raised above the background cloth which is smooth and has a finish similar to linen. 100% polyester
Gardi - this rich fabric has quite a pronouced texture which gives it a warm, rugged appearence. The colours are delicious too. 100% polyester.


Fabric Colours

We have tried to provide accurate illustrations of the fabric colours, but it is incredibly difficult to ensure that what you see on your screen is the same as the fabric itself. For example, Nobel Sage is a beautiful soft green, but it looks grey in all the photos. We are happy to send out small samples of fabrics to customers who order from the Made-to-Measure service. Order a sample or samples here.

Interior Designers - Some of the fabrics we use are available in additional colours - if you have a project that requires a very specific colour, contact us to discuss your needs

 Seagrass  Bluebell  Sage  Heather  Ginger  Raven  Flame  Nutmeg  Moss  Airforce


Seagrass - a subtle green that could almost be a type of blue
- a rich true blue
Sage - a subtle soft green with a faint brown hue
Heather -  a lovely flowery purple
Ginger - a warm golden brown 
Raven - a dark grey brown
Flame - a glowing red on the pink end of the spectrum
Nutmeg - nutty brown that is almost edible
Moss - an accurately named yellowy green
Airforce - grey blue, like the uniform

   Purple  Chocolate  Pine  Deep Blue  Slate  Red  Apple  Claret  Black


Purple - a true, auberine purple
Chocolate - as it says, a dark milk chocolate brown
Pine - a this is definitely green
Deep Blue - an intense dark blue
Slate - a  darkish grey with a brown tinge to it
Red - definitely a scarlet red
Apple - a delicate pale green
Claret - a strong wine red tending towards pink, darker than it looks above
Black - very black

MADE-TO-MEASURE FABRIC RANGE - Sahel, Bato, Luigi and Gardi

  Lichen  Sand  Willow  Atlantic  Red Ochre  Night Blue


Lichen - an excellent label - exactly like twiggy lichen that growns on tree branches
Sand - think tropical island beach
Willow -  a strong grassy green
Atlantic - deep sea blue, threatening a storm
Red Ochre - robust deep red virging on brown
Night Blue - a solid deep blue softened by grey hints

We have many other Sahel colours available - contact us to enquire

                 Gold  Plum     Moody Blue  Ruby  Forest  Candy  Petrol  Fire  Storm  


Gold - rich golds and  dark browns
Plum - dark purples ranging to almost black
Moody Blue - cool slate blues and charcoals
Ruby - subtle dark reds and black
Forest - pale to dark greens with dark browns thrown in
Candy - vibrant pink grading through to dark purple
Petrol - taupe, petrol blues, moss and carbon combine to give a sophisticated colour pallet
Fire - scarlet and ruby with almost black contrasting bands
Storm - blacks and blacker blacks

  Mocha  Carbon  Sunset  Dawn  Bermuda  Ice  Red Clay  Peat  Current  Citrus


Mocha - as it sounds - chocolatey brown
Carbon - coffee brown lightly overlain with dark grey/black tones
Sunset - soft orange verging on pale terracotta
Dawn - linen overlain with fawn tones
Bermuda - a rich crushed red fruits pinky red
Ice - very modern cool pale slate blue
Red Clay - a firey red - terracotta with attitude
Peat - very sophisticated dark brown overlain with black tones
Current -  strong blackcurrent tending towards red rather than blue
Citrus - irridencent limey green

    Mulberry  Elephant  Marine  Espresso  Cafe au Lait  Blood  Musk  Parchment  Old Gold


Imperial - a regal, rich dark purple
Elephant - very dark grey, or is it black....
Marine -  think turquoise, tropical seas, almost green rather than blue
Espresso - a luscious, rich brown which might also be called dark chocolate
Cafe au Lait - a warm mild brown hinting at gold
Beetroot - an intensely rich red, perhaps heading towards pink
Musk - a refined, earthy brown
Parchment - a luxuriant, creamy fawn
Old Gold - quite definitely not green, pale, woody gold