Choosing a bed

The key things to think about when buying a dog bed are:

Size - big enough to stretch out and not fall off

Support - comfortable and supportive enough not to feel the floor through the bottom

Robust - will it stand up to several years use for 16-18 hours a day?

Waterproof - keeps your dog dry and the room smell free

Price - if you want all of the above, it is unlikely you will find it in a bed costing £30-50

  Four sizes of Foam Bed in  Nobel Bluebell, Flame, Nutmeg and Sage fabrics  Medium Soft Top bed in a made to measure cover of Nobel Nutmeg and Ginger fabrics  Bolster Beds Giant in Laurel Claret fabric and Large in Sahel Willow fabric 

So once you have considered the size and weight of your dog and how he/she likes to sleep, other things you need to think about are the space available for the bed,  the colour of your dog, your own visual preferences, the room in which the bed is to be put, and so on. Here, we make some suggestions to help you decide which bed is best.

Dog size and sleeping habits

The way your dog sleeps is as important as the overall size of your dog. A large dog that routinely curls up will take up less space than one which likes to stretch out. Observe the ways which your dog lies. How do they spend most time? Always buy a bed that is big enough. We all laugh at photos of dogs dangled in strange positions off the side of their bed, but just think what that is doing to their neck or back. You can't make a dog stay completely on its bed, but the larger the bed, the less likely they are to fall off the edge as they move around in their sleep.

It is a good idea to measure your dog to ensure you are selecting the correct size of bed. Measure the height between top of the head to the front paws and from the nose to the base of their tail. Do not include the whole tail length. The bed dimensions should be at least 10% larger than your dog's maximum dimensions.

Bed style

The selection of bed style is influenced by both your dog and your own preferences plus the location in which the bed is to be placed. Dealing with location first, our Foam Beds have the lowest profile so if space is at a premium, a low profile bed may be better as it will be less of a trip hazard as it can be walked over easily. If your dog feels the heat then a Foam Bed may be best for him/her as the dog rests on top of the bed rather than being enfolded by it. We think the Foam Beds particularly suited to dogs who like to lie with their legs straight as their joint and spine alignment is maintained .

Bolster Beds are also low profile since they are made with the same base as the Foam Beds, though obviously the bolster itself can get in the way if in the wrong place. The bolster pillow is to give your furry friend the option of a chin rest without the bulk of a bed that has high sides all the way round. Keeping the bed sides to a minimum means the bed is easily accessed and exited by older dogs who may be a little wobbly on their paws. The bolster can also act as a draft excluder if it is oriented towards draft sources such as doors.

The Soft Top beds are definitely deep filled and designed for dogs who like to sleep curled up and burrowed down into their bed. They combine a soft nesting finish with the durability of foam which means they will provide excellent long lasting support while delivering a cosy cuddle to the occupant. If your dog feels the cold, wrap them up in one of these. The Soft Top Beds are a bit bulkier than the Foam or Bolster Beds so are best tucked out of the way of passing feet.

The Folding Travel Beds are for going on holiday with. They fold away to half the size of the equivalent Foam Bed and give a proper noise absorbing bed while travelling. You want a comfy bed while on holiday so why shouldn't your furry friend have one as well?


Fabric type

All our fabrics have the same basic characteristics - they are waterproof, antibacterial, urine and stain resistant. Nobel, Laurel and Sahel are machine washable. Covers made with the PU fabric have welded seams so they do not com off, but they can be wiped of hosed clean. Bato, Luigi and Gardi are wipe clean. The automatic response to a cover not being machine washable is that it is no use for a dog bed. However, these fabrics really are stain resistant and marks are easily removed with a damp cloth. With the antibacterial nature of the fabric, plus the exclusion of moisture from the bed core, these beds do not get smelly and so do not need regular washing. If your dog is a heavy shedder you may want to avoid the Laurel fabric. We haven't had any issues when testing this fabric when used by different dog breeds including several labradors, but one customer has found that it retained the fur from their Lab rather more than was desirable. 

Dog colour

This might seem a strange thing to consider, but unless you like cleaning, it could be important. As your dog sheds fur, there will be an inevitable build up of fur on the bed.  If your dog sheds a lot, this will happen quickly. The fur can be removed by vacuuming, but how often do you really want to do that?  If you have a light coloured dog such as a yellow Lab or golden retriever, it might be best to avoid a very dark colour of cover since every hair will show.  Just a suggestion....

Room Decor

We have a huge range of fabric colours so we defy you not to find one that suits the colour scheme in  the room the bed will be placed. If you have spent a lot of time selecting a colour scheme it makes sense for your dog's bed to match that scheme as well. If you have very particular needs, drop us an email to request fabric samples before you order.