Care Instructions

Cover care

These beds are easy care. Remove fur and dry muc using a vacuum cleaner. More stubborn marks can be removed with the microfibre cloth is provided with each bed. Use cold water for bodily fluids.

The fabrics are treated to be stain resistant but will eventually become marked, particularly if significant stains are left untreated. If you think a mark might stain eg blood, it is best removed using a damp cloth while it is fresh. We have had beds under test for four years and the fabrics have stood up very well to all that have been thrown at them, including from an elderly female Labrador who has a tendency to leak having had two litters and a busy life as a gun dog. We are confident that you will not be disappointed in the durability and stain resilience of the covers.

The stain resistance of the cover fabrics means you will not need to wash the covers frequently. We recommend limiting the number of times you machine wash the beds, and keep the wash temperature to 30o C rather than the 40oC indicated on the label to prolong the effectiveness of the waterproof and antibacterial nature of the fabrics.

Full care instructions are provided with each bed and can be downloaded below. The following table provides an overview of the  washing instructions for the different fabrics.

Download the Care Instructions for Nobel, Laurel and Sahel fabrics HERE

Download the Care Instructions for Bato, Luigi and Gardi fabrics HERE

Nobel, Laurel and Sahel

Vacuum dry dust and fur

Use damp cloth to remove marks

Machine wash at 30oC delicate programme.

Dry flat.

Do not tumble dry.

Cool iron on the outside, if desired.

Do not dry clean


 As for Nobel, but no irom

Bato, Luigi and Gardi

Vacuum dry dust and fur

Do not machine wash.

Do not dry clean

To remove marks, wipe with microfibre cloth dampened with water

Technical details

The fabrics used by the Big Dog Bed Company are hard wearing upholstery fabrics designed for use in challenging situations such as restuarants, bars, conference centres, etc. They meet the fire regulations for  domestic upholstery and will maintain their looks and functionality for several years if looked after properly. The technical details of the fabrics can be downloaded using the links below.