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A View on Crufts  ~ Sillies~ Sale Give Away ~ Do You Twitter? ~ Supporting Rescues

Since Crufts is on and all things doggie are getting more airtime, we thought we’d put a second newsletter out in a month. No doubt we’ll end up not doing one for a couple of months after this due to it being too much of a shock to the system! :)

There are some great images online. Here’s a link to some on the Daily Mail website

Question – does the winning of a major Class at Crufts have positive, negative or neutral impact on the need for/ demand on rescue support for the breed in question? What’s your experience or opinion?

Frank the dog ‘interviewed’ by JP Devlin on BBC4 Saturday Live
Nothing to do with dogs but we thought you might enjoy this…

SALE – 25% off all our dog beds
We will give a Large Foam Bed to a rescue charity if we sell 15 beds in our SALE beds between now and the 16th March. We will take nominations for the receiving charity and select one randomly – no voting this time, it cause too much angst all round last time. Nominate by using the comment link at the top right of this post.

If so, why not follow us @GiantDogBeds And tell us about your twittering

SUPPORTING RESCUES – your ideas needed
We love to do this, but we can’t afford to do it very much as the moment. Also we’re not that good at identifying how we can do it. Let us know your thoughts on how we can support the work of more rescues using the comment link at the top of the page.

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