Raffle Vouchers and other Rescue Offers

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A short newsletter with the sole topic of the Raffle Voucher Offer we made on Facebook. Listed below are the rescues that requested a voucher to be used next time they run a fund raising raffle. To get a voucher emailed to the charity of your choice, please provide a charity specific email address or evidence that the email recipient is linked to a specific charity. This is needed so that we don’t send the voucher out to non-charities. Please use the Reply section below to leave the email address.

The Voucher will be valid until the end of 2014. Each charity should print and use the voucher only once. Once the code has been used 61 times it will close, so please use it only once so that every rescue gets the chance to use it.

Don’t forget about the other ways we try to help dog rescue charities raise funds and reduce costs. Take a look here at what else is on offer. http://www.bigdogbedcompany.co.uk/rescue-charity-and-club-offer-conditions.shtml

Southern Counties                               German Shepherd Rescue Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue
Whippet Rescue                                   Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming
Beagles Welfare                                    German Shepherd Rescue Scotland
RRWT                                                     Wanderers Animal Haven
German Shepherd RRR                       Saints Sled Dogs
Fife Rottweiler Rescue                        Irish Retriever Rescue
Huskies in Need                                   Rain Rescue
Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary Fundraising Group
Adopt a Boxer Scotland                       Animal Connections
HOPE for Doggies in Need                  Northern Rose Boxer Rescue
Assisi Animal Sanctuary                      Stray Aid
Maxi Mates                                             Scoobie Do0 Dog Rescue
Rottweiler Welfare Association          Donegal Pet Rescue
Notts and Yorks Boxer Rescue            Hounds in Need
Abandoned Animal Association         Black Retriever Cross Rescue
Hillbrae                                                    Wonky Pets Rescue
Animals in Need Maxi Care                 2nd Chance Dog Rescue
The Edwards Foundation                    Helping Hands Dog Rescue
German Shepherd Rescue Elite         The Senior Staffs Club
BDRNE                                                   Abandoned Animals Assn Prestatyn
Morgans Dog Rescue, Alston             Boxer Welfare Scotland
Retired Greyhounds Trust, Barley Kennels Branch
Ainmhithe Animal Rescue                 Labrador Rescue
4-Paws Rottweiler Rescue                 Border Collie Trust GB
Hope for Animals                                Stray Aid Durham
LASR                                                      DAWG Cork
ACS Cork                                               Happy Paws Puppy Rescue
Adopt a Boxer Scotland                     Cavaliers in Need
Ravenswood Pet Rescue                    Staffordshire Rescue Scotland
Rochdale Dog Rescue                         German Shepherd Rescue

Big Dog Bed Company reserves the right to withdraw the offer in the event of there being evidence that it is being improperly used. Notice will be made on this Blog and on Facebook if this action is taken.