NOMINATE A RESCUE to win £500 worth of kennel dog beds

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We are offering to make three large dog beds for a Dog Rescue Charity to be nominated by our Facebook followers or those subscribing to this blog.

We are creating a new range of beds specifically for kennels and dog rooms which are waterproof and antibacterial urine and stain resistant, with foam and memory foam cores. The fabric differs from our other beds in that it is a tough PU fabric rather than upholstery fabric. Think a mid-weight marquee canvas. There is no need for kennel beds to look as fabulous as our other beds, but they do need to offer the same practical benefits of easy care, low odour and superb comfort for their occupants.

We will make the beds to fit spaces requested by the winning Rescue charity.  A maximum of three beds is on offer with a total  retail value of £500.

There are two stages to the competition:

Stage One:
First nominate a Rescue on our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to Like and Share to spread the word in order to make the offer available to as wide a number of Rescues as possible.  We will contact the Rescue to let them know they have been nominated and check they want to take part. Stage One will last until Thursday 23th October so get nominating quickly. We will only progress to Stage Two if we have a minimum of 10 nominated Rescues that have opted to participate in the competition.

Stage Two:
Once we have at least 10 Rescues nominated, we will provide information on each and then open the voting so that you can choose which you think should receive the beds. Voting will be open  for one week once it commences.

Competition conditions

Of course, we are doing this to gain some publicity as well as to offer our beds to a worthy cause, so we need to achieve a minimum level of coverage in order to award the prize. The minimum  thresholds we would like to achieve are:

10 Rescues to participate in the competition.
50 new likes on our Facebook page before we will go forward to voting in Stage Two.
The winning Rescue must achieve a minimum of 30 votes to win the beds.
Photographs of the awarded beds in situ must be provided for our use in publicity.
The winning Rescue must be willing to participate in a press release  produced by the Big Dog Bed Company to their local papers,  radio and TV as relevant. The content of the press release will be agreed by both parties.

Show Season Over

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Well, we finished with shows for this year. Our local show at Henley-on-Thames went very well despite the dismal start to the day – soggy and grey.

We’ve decided to focus on smaller shows next year as it is easier to be seen by visitors. Our sales at the small shows were just as good as the large ones which are really expensive to attend. Maybe it is because only so many people can walk past your stand in a day. Or because we can only talk to a certain number in a day. We’ve met some lovely folk – both our neighbouring stand holders and prospective customers. We have also met a lot of delightful dogs and chatted about the foibles and idiosyncrasies of many others.

We have also had some lovely feedback from people who have bought beds. Why not have a look at our website to see what they have said.

Henley 2013 (3)