Opening words – how we got here….

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Well, here we go into the mad world of blogging. I’m not sure I have enough to say, or at least enough that is worth saying, but we’ll see.

It is amazing where things take you. This whole dog bed business (or is it madness?) and hence this blog is because we couldn’t get a decent dog bed for Ludvic. A decent bed being one that the contents didn’t wander about, ending up in a doughnut round the edge of the bed with the dog lying on nothing more than the cover fabric in the middle. So many dog beds are just not fit for purpose.

The second criteria for a decent bed was size – how come there were no big beds around? Anything larger than a Labrador and tough – no bed suitable for you. Then we went to Crufts and at the recommendation of a friend with deerhounds, found Wilma Beds. They weren’t cheap, but the quality was obvious and at the time their extra large was quite the biggest bed on the market.

Ludvic loved his Wilma Bed and it was absolutely great –  well filled, channelled to stop that filling moving about, and huge.

 Ludvic enjoying his Wilma bed

However, being a  shaggy mutt, or more politely, a mid to long haired  German Shepherd, if he got wet, he was wet for hours even after having been thoroughly dried with a towel.  There is only so long you can insist your furry friend lies on a piece of vet bed while he dries and the pained look on his face often led to him being allowed onto his proper bed far too soon. The result was the bed got soaked, so bed and dog took even longer to dry. Net result, smelly bed and smelly dog.

If we  were having problems finding decent beds then others must also be having similar difficulties, so what did we do? Started making them ourselves! Obvious isn’t it? Not!

It took a while to get good materials and manufacturing  in place, and get the beds and cover fabrics thoroughly tested, so it hasn’t been a fast process. But that is how we got here. All we need to do now is spread the word and get decent dog beds to be the norm, rather than the exception. You need a good nights sleep to function properly, so doesn’t your pooch deserve to have a decent bed too?

Ok, so that is how we got here. Have you found yourself doing something out of the ordinary for rather bizarre reasons? if so, why not tell us about it?