Bed Sizes

We offer six styles of beds - Foam, Soft Top, Bolster , Kitchen, Kennel and Folding Travel Beds. The  Foam and Soft Top beds are similar sizes though differ in depth. The Folding Travel bed is offered in the three  larger sizes only. The Bolster bed is based on the Foam Bed with the addition of a bolster pillow at one end. If you want,  the bolster can be placed along the long side of the bed - request  this in the made-to-measure section. Kitchen beds are designed to fit neatly into a run of kitchen or utility room units. Active Recovery Beds and Elements Kennel Beds are the same sizes as our Foam Beds. The following table summarises bed sizes, but for a complete listing please see the individual bed style pages.



Size (cm)# Foam Beds~ Soft Top Beds
& FeatherFellars
Bolster Beds Active Recovery
        Active Recovery Lite (3cm rim)
Mini       80 x 60 x 8
K90AR        90 x 60 x 8
K120AR        120 x60 x 8
MedLite        105 x 75 x 8
K90 90 x 60 x 10      
K120 120 x 60 x 10      Active Recovery (5cm rim)
Medium 105 x 75 x 10 105 x 75 x 12 105 x 75 x 10 *  105 x 75 x 10
Large 120 x 85 x 10 120 x 85 x 12 120 x 85 x 10 *  120 x 85 x 10
Extra large 135 x 95 x 10 135 x 95 x 14 135 x 95 x 10 **  134 x 85 x 10
Giant 145 x 105 x 10 145 x 105 x 14 145 x 105 x 10 **  145 x 105 x 10

* Bolster height 15 cm,   ** Bolster height 19cm
# please note that sizes of soft furnishings are nominal
~ Elements Kennel Beds are the same dimensions as Foam Beds

Made to Measure Sizes

We can offer pretty much any size and shape of bed you want, within reason. The more complicated the shape, the more expensive the bed will be because the cover will be difficult to produce and it likely to use a lot of fabric.  It may not be possible to produce the shape you desire, but we will try our best and let you know in advance if it is not going to be possible. Similarly, it may not be possible to produce the shape you want in a Soft Top bed and  still be able to guarantee that the filling will not move about. If this is the case, we will suggest you consider opting for a Foam Bed instead.

All the bed sizes are nominal which means if you measure them they may not be exactly the adverstised size. This is because we are dealing with soft materials which squash differentially depending on how tight the cover is and and how heavy the cover fabric is. All our beds are hand made so some differences between batches may occur however, the differences will only be a centimetre or two.

In case you are wondering, we don't call any of our beds 'small'  because we are the Big Dog Bed Company!