Bed Construction




Our cushions

The central philosophy behind the way the beds are constructed is that they should provide good, long lasting support to their doggie occupants. Given that your dog could be on their bed up to 16 hours a day, this is very important.


We use high density upholstery foam at the core of all our beds for support. This material is designed for almost continuous use and will not flatten within a few months as happens with so many dog bed fillings. Neither will the bed filling wander about until it ends up at the edges of the bed with the dog left lying only on fabric in the middle of the bed.


To this we add very high quality memory foam or channelled high grade polyester to provide comfort. For those who want an all foam bed, but whose dog feels the heat, we use a soft upholstery foam in place of memory foam - the CoolComfort option.

Bolster Beds - The standard Bolster Bed is a Foam Bed with the addition of a foam bolster pillow along one end to give a comfortable chin rest. You can add a bolster or two to Foam Beds, Active Recovery Beds and Kitchen Beds. Please email for a price.


Foam Beds 5cm of high grade upholstery foam with 2.5cm of memory foam glued to both sides giving a  total bed depth of 10cm
Active Recovery 5cm of castellated memory foam on top of 5cm high density upholstry foam. 5cm border protects castellations, CoolComfort non-memry foam option available
Active Recovery Lite 5cm of castellated memory foam on top of 3cm of high density foam. 3cm border. CoolComfort non-memory foam option also available
Elements Kennel Beds 7.5cm of high grade upholstery foam topped by 2.5cm of memory foam


Our Covers

We use hard wearing, good looking upholstery fabrics for our covers. All the fabrics are waterproof, antibacterial, antifungal and urine resistant. These characteristics means these beds do not smell, so you can have a good looking dog bed in any room in the house. The two fabrics types offered as standard – Nobel and Laurel - are both machine washable. Elements fabric is machine washable and UV resistant. Some, but not all the fabrics offered in the made-to-measure range are machine washable. They can all be wiped clean using water and a damp cloth. A microfibre cloth is provided with each bed. Kennel Vet Beds come with a super-waterproof PU fabric with thermally welded seams.


We use heavy duty zips appropriate to the size of the beds. Zips are used to enable covers to be removed for washing and replacement and to hold the Bolster Bed pillows in place. We do not use velcro because it inevitably fills with fur and becomes less effective. All our zips are obscured, ie there is fabric covering them to make them less visible and hence less likely to receive unwanted attention from a bored dog.

Our beds are made in the UK