About Big Dog Bed Company

We decided to start making extra large dog beds because of the difficulty we experienced finding a large, good quality bed for our German Shepherd, Ludvic. Not only were the available beds not big enough, but the filling was inadequate and quickly became flattened, needing several pillows to be added into the cover to make a comfortable bed.

Even when we did find a well filled bed that was big enough, there was the problem of an almost permanently damp bed. Whether coming in from a wet winter walk or following a swim in the summer, if Ludvic were to use his bed while wet, the water would soak into the filling so that neither he nor the bed would dry for hours filling the house with wet dog pong!

The inner of a large dog bed is impossible to put in a washing machine and over time they become a source of doggie odour in the house, no matter how frequently the cover is washed. The waterproof cover of our beds means that no moisture will penetrate the filling to cause odour nuisance.

So the Big Dog Bed Company was created with the aim of making the beds we couldn't buy - good looking, extra large beds that are firmly filled, waterproof and odour free with a long useful life.

Iif this is the type of bed you have been looking for, then our beds are for you.